NOW 5-HTP – Can NOW Foods 5-HTP Or 5-Hydroxytryptophan Restore Mental Health?

Have you read about NOW 5-HTP, a leading supplement to relieve anxiety, stress, depression and reduce insomnia? The USA adult population is long seen as a pill popping population. This is totally understandable as sticking to a healthy diet is tough in the fast-paced, stressful working lifestyle in USA.

A lot of adults and even teens experience anxiety, work stress, mild depression and lack of sleep. This is why 5-HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan is consumed by a lot of people to recover mental health. It is also helpful with weight loss and dieting.

Research studies show that taking a daily dosage of 50-3000 mg oxitriptan for 2 to 4 weeks can improve and treat depression.

5-HTP can increase the serotonin levels in the brain, hence improving mood. Serotonin has an important role in sexual behavior, sleep, appetite, mood and pain sensation.

NOW 5-HTP Ingredients

Vitamin B6, zinc, Hydroxytryptophan, Eleuthero root, Ashwagandha root and Suma bark. These ingredients are all proven to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and bring about good feelings and reduce insomnia.

Can everyone take the NOW Foods 5-HTP supplement?

Most adults can consume this and suffer zero to no side effects. However, we do not advise pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to use this supplement.

Those with Down Syndrome should not take the NOW 5-HTP also.

Individuals who have a medical condition or are on medication, do speak to your doctor before taking any supplement.

Where can you find all the details about NOW 5-HTP supplement and 5-HTP?

NOW 5-HTP Review

Where can you purchase NOW Foods 5-HTP?

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